Thin Blue Line LEMC Emblem


We are the Thin Blue Line Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club (Thin Blue Line LE/MC)

Our Mission
We are a Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club whose members are active duty or retired law enforcement officers from a variety of agencies and jurisdictions, along with our civilian friends who support us in our profession. Together we share the love of American made motorcycles, the wind in our faces and the brotherhood of like-minded motorcyclists. 

As a fraternal organization we strive to support one another, law enforcement professionals and our community. Our colors clearly identify our affiliation with law enforcement and we are bound by our oath of office and law enforcements, “code of ethics”. Our members reflect a positive image for our profession and our club. We are the Thin Blue Line LE/MC!

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Top Pic

The Thin Blue Line LEMC honoring the fallen at the Texas Peace Officers Memorial.