Thin Blue Line LEMC Emblem

Our Colors
  • The color Blue is closely associated with Police Officers the world over.
  • The color Black symbolizes the mourning of our fallen brother officers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice protecting their communities.
  • The color White symbolizes purity, clarity and justice.
  • The center patch contains the tools of Law Enforcement Officers the world over and is used to “Serve and Protect”.
  • On one side of the center patch is the LE patch, which means
  • Law Enforcement.
  • On the other side is the MC patch, which means Motorcycle Club.  
  • Both patches together means, “Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club”.  
  • These two patches combined separates the Thin Blue Line LEMC
  • from all other motorcycle clubs.
  • At the bottom of the center patch is the symbol of Saint Michael, the patron Saint of Police Officers.  St. Michael stands victorious over the serpent, which represents evil and darkness.
  • On the front of the vest is a rectangular patch with a Thin Blue Line, over reflective tape. There is a Thin Blue Line of Law Enforcement Officers that serves the community with Justice through Mercy.  The reflective tape is part of every officer’s uniform and represents that we stand with them.
  • Over our hearts is a white circular patch, with a rectangular through the center that contains the Latin phrase, “Nemo Me Impune Lacessit”.  Translated means, “No One Assails Me With Impunity”.  We remember the sacrifices made by Police Officers the world over.
  • On the front of and at the bottom of the vest is the SC patch,
  • which means “Semper (Latin word for Always) a Cop”.
  • The Thin Blue Line LEMC will never forget who we are, or what we
  • represent.  The same applies to our civilian members, who stand with the Law Enforcement Officers.
  • The Texas patch represents the “Great State of Texas”.  Once
  • a proud Republic, independent and strong. The birth place of the Thin Blue Line LEMC.





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