Our Beginning

On June 20, 2009, Thin Blue Line Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club (TBL) was created.  Rico Garcia and his brothers Gilo and Coyote wanted to start their own LE MC.  There were already a lot of area law enforcement motorcycle clubs, and their idea was that they wanted this Club to be different from all the others.  They wanted TBL to get away from the 1% look of motorcycle clubs, as well as wanting the name to be synonymous with Law Enforcement.

Rico did a very rough sketch of the colors, and gave it Gilo, whose son worked in a print shop.  There the sketch was finalized. There was never any doubt that the colors had to be blue, the color utilized by Law Enforcement Officers.  One percent clubs would never dare wear blue.

The Thin Blue Line is the symbol known by law enforcement officers the world over as the line that holds the frontier between chaos and civilian life, between crime and the American dream. Rico researched the name to check if any LE MC had ever claimed it and it had never been claimed.  At that time he thought about the symbols to use for the center patch.  Just about every other LE MC uses a skull or skeleton.  He wanted TBL to get away from death head type symbols and embrace who we really are.

1.      St Michael, the Warrior of God and who leads this group.

2.      A pistol, long rifle and handcuffs, the tools of our trade.

 3.      Reflective Thin Blue Line, a patch with reflective material worn on police uniforms.

 4.      Nemo Impune Lacessit, a patch to represent that we mourn every Fallen Officer.

DSCN1412 (2).JPG

 5.      Semper Cop, Always a Cop, a rallying call for Police Officers.


Rico and others got together and had a meeting to discuss and vote on the beginning of the new club on June 20, 2009.  The photo below is the original founding members.  They met at the Shady Tavern on W. 20th Street, then rode in the July 4th 2009 Independence Day Parade and adopted that date as our beginning.

From there, we have grown to become a LE MC that all members can be proud of, and enjoy being a part of a family.....

The Thin Blue Line Family.