The Patriot Tour


July 25, 2019, members Acadia and St Landry chapter of the Thin Blue Line LEMC participated in the Patriot Tour. The tour brings the flag across the nation. Louisiana stops is Taboo Harley then Opelousas and then Cajun Harley before heading to Baton Rouge.

 God bless the USA!

Rochester NY First Annual Coptoberfest

July 28, 2019, Rochester NY

Thin Blue Line LE MC Rochester participated in our first annual Coptoberfest.

We were honored to spend some time at Camp Good days on beautiful Keuka Lake.  All these kids are battling cancer.  They come from all over the globe to be here to forget about their troubles for a while and spend time with kids who are going through the same thing.

Special thanks to Investigator Otto from RPD who has dedicated his life to these kids. 

Semper Cop!

Friends of Sundown Summer Camp

Monday (6/10) and Tuesday (6/11) Ft. Bend Chapter, volunteered to cook for the Friends of Sundown Summer Camp. There were 250+ kids and volunteers to feed - we made hamburgers on Monday and hot dogs on Tuesday.

With the help of other chapters, it was a fun event for the kids and volunteers alike.

Scholarship Award - El Paso Chapter

Thin Blue Line El Paso Chapter presented the first two scholarships to be given for 2019.

On Tuesday, May 21st, TBL El Paso Chapter presented scholarships to Veronica Rodriguez and Kristin Fifield of El Paso, Texas. Thanks to the funds raised during our 2019 Scholarship Run, we are able to present four scholarships this year.

We would like to specially thank our TBL Family who made it to El Paso for the run and everyone who supported our event.

Bikes for Excellence Award Ceremony

May 17, 2019; Award ceremony for Bikes for Excellence was held at Mitchell Elementary School in Houston Texas. Bikes are awarded to students who have excelled in academics, personal conduct, and attendance.

The mission of "Bikes for Excellence" is to reward students who deserve to be recognized for their hard work and accomplishments throughout the academic year. "Bikes for Excellence" continue to seek out and recognize these students who aspire to succeed through diligent and dedicated effort. "Bikes for Excellence" applaud those with high expectations.

Cujo's Wild Ride for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society

April 27, 2019

Thin Blue Line LE MC Nation has begun our first annual Cujo’s Wild Ride for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society, in conjunction with the Texas Association of First Responders Wild Game Cook-off Event.

This will be an annual event from now on in honor of Darrel “Cujo” Malone, and the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society.

The TAFR (Texas Association of First Responders) cook-off benefits Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, and Emergency Medical Personnel injured in the line of duty. The Texas Association of First Responders is an all-volunteer organization created in 2007.

TBL had several cook teams that participated and over 100 bikes in the ride to the event.

KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High School Recruitment Event

April 21, 2019, Blytheville AR

Thin Blue Line LE MC, Arkansas was invited to attend the KIPP Blytheville Collegiate High School Recruitment Event.

With the motorcycles being a draw, the event was a success and the school received 27 applications for the 2019-2020 school year in the 3 hour event!! No other recruiting event has ever even come close to that number of applicants!! We also had a very good club meeting as well!!


Chili Cook-Off for Thin Blue Line Foundation

Lone Star attended a Chili Cook-off Benefiting Thin Blue Line LEMC Foundation and Assist the Officer on March 16, 2019.  We were presented with a check for over $700 at the National Meeting later that month.

Ride for Zach

April 13, 2019 - Afton, Wisconsin

Chicago area Thin Blue Line LE MC members attended the Ride for Zach Olson.

Zach is a 19 year old young man with terminal brain cancer. He wanted a large group of bikes to get together to ride for him. We wish Zach well and hope he enjoyed all the bikes that gathered.